What we do: From idea to reality

Experience and a comprehensive range of services are worth their weight in gold when it comes to the fit-out and modernization of high-end hotels, apartment hotels, boarding houses, lofts and medical and wellness centers.

We have been working on behalf of investors and hotel management companies from all over Europe for decades now and would gladly bring our know-how to bear in your project.


What we offer

Special properties call for specialist knowledge.

Each sector has its own specifics.

Which is why we at FEURING believe that it is crucial to provide in-depth consultancy.

Why not benefit from our experience in the fields of international hotel business and related properties?

Masterful, high-end project development calls not only for strong entrepreneurial and organizational skills, but also an unwavering feel for design and quality.

We are passionately committed to making your visions a reality down to the very last details.

When you’re monitoring costs and schedules, communication is key. From the get-go, we define the competences, decision trees and information flow channels as part of the project structure. Regularly updated cost lists ensure transparency for investors and facility operators, protecting them against unpleasant surprises. By insisting on a closely-knit web of project meetings and pre-defined construction schedules, we reliably exclude schedule or budget overshoots.

Reliability counts when it comes to realizing design and architectural ideas alike.

We adhere stringently to the contractual specifications as set out in the competition brief.


In recent years, requirements as regards technical facilities fit-out and the materials used have risen steadily.

Coordinating the countless specialist planners and trades, harmonizing the relevant interfaces, and managing scheduling are decisive factors for success.

We carefully align the countless sets of plans and the specific requirements of the owner/operator and do justice to the interior architects’ design standards.

Part and parcel of this are desired changes, ideally made at an early stage. To this end, we develop mock-up rooms where we realize specifically chosen rooms on a true-to-life scale down to the last details.

That way, investors and hotel operators can get a very clear impression of what things will look like, so that any errors in the planning, for example as regards room facilities, are swiftly eliminated. Hence, the mock-up rooms are a key element for success.

We are passionate about project management! We combine careful planning and a love of the details to deliver the right business and facility fit-out (FF&E and OS&E)* for special-purpose properties and the relevant hospitality zones.

* FF&E: Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment
* OS&E: Operating Supplies and Equipment

The choice of the right operating company is a decisive factor for a hotel’s profitability in the long-term. We support you individually at every stage of bringing a new operator on board.

  • Preparing a portfolio on your property
  • Reaching out to suitable operators as well as national and international operating companies
  • Preselecting candidates
  • Drawing up contracts
  • Supporting the handover / operations assumption process

When identifying properties for you, we rely on the carefully selected contacts we have nurtured in our constantly expanding network down through the years.

  • Support for you in finding your desired property
  • Obtaining offers for properties that fit your profile
  • Accompanying you on inspections of targeted properties
  • Advice during contract negotiations
  • Support with purchase, lease, and management contracts

Anyone wishing to successfully sell a hotel needs one thing: contacts. With our long-standing experience in the hotel market, we are happy to support you, putting you in contact with the right players in the market.

  • Advice on the sale preparation and decision
  • Advice on valuing the asset
  • Preparation of the business case
  • Compilation of extensive, insightful exposés
  • Selecting suitable investors and making the contacts
  • Support in sales negotiations
  • Support in closing the contract